To be the preferred mechanical professionals in Central Texas. Our long term goal is to be the most sought after company in our area for the products and services we provide and to provide those products and services with the highest skill and integrity from every team member.



To serve customers with legendary excellence. Every time we serve a customer with excellence, we succeed in fulfilling our calling, and we will have opportunities to create “legends” that will be talked about for years. We want to create raving fans with every customer interaction.



Exceed customer expectations. The benchmark is low in the service and contracting business. We want to set our goals based on our customers’ actual expectations and then go a step further in serving them.

Servant leadership. By creating a company culture where we not only serve customers but also subcontractors, vendors, and each other, we will achieve true success and fulfillment.

Open accountability at every level. We value every team member’s input and desire that there be brutally honest communication between everyone at Capstone. No one is above being held accountable.

Doing the right thing. We always strive to operate with integrity and look out for the best interest of others. We meet our commitments no matter the cost.

Being good stewards of our resources. We recognize that Capstone’s and our customer’s finances and natural resources are not infinite. We strive to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and have the least amount of environmental impact on our surroundings.